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Apartment Angel

   For those struggling to pay rent each month, Apartment Angel might be a temporary solution to your problem. Their program works through goodwill loans. These loans are interest free. Residents who qualify sign a document, which is a personal promise to pay the loan back in 6-12 months. This extended time frame gives the individual a little breathing room to avoid eviction or homelessness.




   However, there are minimum requirements for aid. The requirements are as follows: There must be a specific reason why rent cannot be made at this time. There must be a demonstrated record of timely payments. You must have a 6 month residency at current property. Finally it must be demonstrated that the individual can pay the interest free loan back in 6 to 12 months.




   The entire process can be achieved in 6 simple steps. First your apartment manager or community manager registers the property and agrees to Apartment Angel’s terms and conditions. Second the resident need to complete an application. Third the community manager completes a signed resident release form and faxes it to both the resident and Apartment Angel. Fourth Apartment Angel notifies both the resident and community manager of acceptance or denial within 24-48 hours. Fifth, if approved, resident completes a promise to pay document and submits a credit/debit form and a $50 application fee. Lastly, after those documents are received, a check will be sent directly to the applicant’s property on behalf of the resident.


   The best part of this program is that when you make your loan payments those funds are used to help others in need. So each payment you make helps another individual. Thus, you can be a part of assisting someone too.


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Click Here for their application and Click Here for their credit/debit form.

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