Missoula Aging Services

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Missoula Aging Services

   Missoula Aging Services (MAS) is a resource center for aging adults living in Montana. Their services include caregiver support, in home services, senior Medicare patrol, return to home, and a nutrition program. In an attempt to provide further clarification, we will briefly discuss some of these resources in more detail in the following newsletter.


   The MAS designed the Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) to help seniors with Medicare. This program provides education and one-on-one counseling for those individuals new to Medicare. In addition the SMP can help assist you with billing questions or assist you in organizing your bills. They understand this process can be a complex. The SMP is here to help. One of their main goals is to prevent fraud, abuse, and waste.


  The MAS offers multiple in-home services. However the most beneficial service they offer, in our opinion, is the care transition program. If you have been admitted to a hospital in Missoula or if you are on Medicare, upon discharge, you might be eligible for Missoula’s Care Transition program. Call (406) 728-7682 for more information. This program encourages the community to work together to reduce costs and improve the medical experience for Medicare patients.


  The MAS offers a nutritional program. Nutrition is an important at any age, but it is even more important as we get older. The nutritional program offered by MAS provides meals on wheels and it addresses nutritional needs of seniors and people with disabilities. Nutritional meals can be expensive and many seniors who have medication bills each month cannot afford these meals. Good News. There is a supplemental program designed to help reduce those costs to make nutritional meals more affordable.


  The MAS offers caregiver support. If you need a break from providing care to a love one this program might be right for you. Research shows that caregivers who utilize respite services perform better. With respite services, caregivers can return refreshed and renewed. Everyone needs time to rest and recharge. It is human nature. Hopefully more people will utilize some form of respite services from organizations that offer it. It is widely needed and offers tremendous benefits.


  The previously mentioned programs might be of interest to you. If you would like more information on any one of these programs please call 406-728-7682. Their mailing address is: Missoula Aging Services 337 Stephens Avenue, Missoula, MT 59801. Even if you cannot utilize these services, there might be a program near you that can help you in your situation.


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