Living Expenses

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Living Expenses

   What programs are available to help alleviate this financial stress? In this newsletter EDL will mention a couple of programs that might help your financial stress and give you some tips too.


   Financial stress can be caused by many factors such as a car breaking down, medical bills, utility payments, car insurance, rent, etc... Needless to say there are various reasons that cause a person to be financially stressed. However there are programs out there to help with this financial burden. How much help financial help can I get? That depends, but any help is some help (right)? The Federal government, state, county, and local businesses can help.


  For instance the Federal government through the U.S. Department of Energy offers states and local authorities grants for weatherizing homes. Your utility bill could be significantly reduced each month by weatherizing your home; thus, you will save money on your utility bill over time. Saving money helps you be less financially stressed.


  How do I get help if the money goes to state and local authorities? TIP: You need to contact your local weatherization agency for answers. Remember they are given money by the federal government so, they are required to help some families each year. It's worth a shot to see if they can help you. Also you are automatically eligible to receive weatherization assistance if you receive Supplemental Security Income or Aid to Families with Dependent Children. TIP: contact the Weatherization Assistance Program for your state and apply with the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Here is a website that might be helpful to you too:


   Also Elderly or Disabled Living (EDL) has a membership program that may help you too. For a onetime fee of $5, you become an EDL Member and could be given $250 to help with bills in the future. EDL giveaways occur four times a year, every quarter. Only members can receive our giveaways and members are chosen from their own database too. Not the public database. In addition to our giveaways, EDL members have access to our resources such as newsletters and posts. Becoming an EDL Member gives you a good opportunity  to receive financial assistance from us; thus, helping your financial stress.


   If medical bills are causing you financial stress might be able to help you. In short, their program tries to lower your medical bills by negotiating with the hospital. The negotiations consist of getting the hospital to take some money instead of getting none. The hospital may agree to take a lower amount so they get paid something. However they may not agree to take a lower amount. It's worth a shot to see what they can do for you if medical bills cause you financial stress. EDL has provided some programs that might help your financial situation and we have provided you with some tips too. As always we hope this newsletter has been helpful. THANKS.




Federal government offers weatherization tools to help lower your bill amount.


Elderly or Disabled Living offers its $5 membership with quarterly $250 giveaways and resources. Website: EDL Members. offers services that may reduce your medical bills


TIPS:  Contact the Weatherization Assistance Program for your state, apply with the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), or visit this website for more information