Elderly or Disabled Living

Need extra Money?

NO risk.

***Disclaimer: EDL has provided the following for informational purposes only. This information may or may not help you. We offer it as a resource to help. If any EDL clients want personal items like books or paintings put on our website please contact us info@elderlyordisabledliving.com. THANKS.***





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Elderly or Disabled Living

Need extra Money?

NO risk.


EDL Fundraiser is only available to EDL members and EDL Recipients


We offer these services to potentially provide you financial help. The fundraiser is another resource that might make you extra income in the future. As stated elsewhere our goal is to help, but we cannot help everyone unfortunately. Below is an explanation of the fundraiser we provide, how it works, how its different, what you get, and account security.


This fund raiser is unique and different from a gofundme fund raiser for multiple reasons.


1) Cheaper: gofundme charges a 5% fee per transaction AND they charge a payment processing fee of 2.9% + .30 per transaction too.


Our per transaction fee is 4.9% + 30 cents for all web payments, which includes credit card fees. Thats it.  There is no risk. You either raise some money or you don’t.


2) Hosted by a 501c3 charity website.


3) Individualized social media posts.


4) Individualized picture link for emails.


With this fundraiser donors are given the option of paying any third party fees. Thus, the entire contribution could be yours. Most cards are accepted Visa, Mastercard, American Express. Credit, Debit, and International cards.


We will run your fundraiser for 3 months. After 3 months, we will send you a check for the amount raised. Depending on your need, we may choose to run the fundraiser longer for you “at no charge.”




1) Initial setup. We do “not” raise funds for you.

It is up to you to share your fundraiser and raise funds yourself. EDL only creates the initial setup; thereby, making this process easier and less burdensome for you.


2) Your name, picture on form, or default EDL image.


3) Individualized link to share your campaign via social media and an individualized linked picture to share campaign via email.


4) Hosted webpage dedicated to your campaign on our nonprofit 501c3 website.


5) Donor Thank You emails and proof of tax exempt contributions are automatically sent via email.


6) A check for the amount raised or displayed on your fundraiser after 3 months.


7) Edit your message.


8) Notifications via email each time a donation is made.


9) Individualized social media post, individualized image box, individualized message, and link.











1) Click Here to become an EDL member.


2) Then you may email info@elderlyordisabledliving.com with you name, picture, and any text you want on the form. Also include the story you want to be displayed on your dedicated webpage.


3) The link to your fundraiser should be ready in 1-2 business days.


4) Once you receive the link, you can share and raise as much money as you can for 3* months.




Your personal account is automatically setup when your account is created. Funds are held in your account and cannot be accessed until your campaign is over.


For your security and ours, we can send you a check every 30 days from "our" account. If desired, ask us.


*You must have some funds in your account for us to send you a check.


*EDL reserves the right to run fundraising campaigns longer than 3 months for you “at no charge.”


*Our goal is to help.


*Please remember we do not raise money for you.


*You can be paid at different times, send us a message.


*For your convenience, a sample fundraiser is provided below.


*If wanted, previous EDL Members or previous EDL recipients just need to ask for their fundraiser to be setup. Verification needed. THANKS*



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