If I Could Ask You Anything

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If I Could Ask You Anything

Ron’s Contribution to All of Us


On September 4, 1973, Ron Holland became paralyzed from the neck down in a cliff¬ diving accident. He has since spent a total of five years in hospitals and rehabilitation centers.  During the past forty-tree years, he has been involved in lecturing on the special problems and needs of persons with spinal cord injuries. He has given decades in trauma and neuro-intensive care units, emergency room settings, and in patient’s homes personally working with new injuries and their families, providing counseling, emotional support and assisting in acquiring resources to meet their need.


In addition, Ron has tirelessly worked in business communities, primary and secondary educational institutions, and government organizations to educate, raise awareness, and promote legislation to improve the lives of those impacted by spinal cord injury. His awards from the Memphis Mayors Action Committee, University of Memphis Student Senate (As Student Senator elected by Student Body to represent the needs of StudentsWith Disabilities), and Jackson Area Jaycees is testimony to his dedication in helping others.




Life has an odd way of turning the tables on people who give so much to others. Mr. Holland had a kidney transplant in 2005 and has had multiple corrective surgeries since that time, resulting in high medical bills and forced early retirement. Ron and his fiancée, Linda, have lost their livelihood, a home, and even his handicapped van due to a government error in paying approved Social Security Benefits that he had paid into the System. They currently live on a limited income, rent a single room and utilities, in their daughters’ home. They are ever so grateful. However, the home is not accessible for Ron in his power wheelchair and he navigates a steep ramp and muddy yard to exit the home. Making doctors’ appointments and shopping for necessities is difficult and adds to an already challenging life. Then there are the medical bills…those depressive medical bills.


The Goal


The Elderly and Disabled Living Housing Help Service and others would like to help repay in kindness and financial support Ron’s years of service by raising funds to assist in paying his medical bills and achieving a $7,000 goal by April 20th 2017, for a down payment on a small, humble home that would be accessible for Ron and his fiancée($1,200 in Med Bills and $5,800). Ron takes small jobs where and when he can but it’s not much. He is enrolled in other “Help” services and is doing his best to locate resources but funds are limited and waiting lists are long.  The need is immediate. Med bills are in collections.


The Payoff


Your donation to thee Holland Habitat and Medical Bills Fund would greatly be appreciated and a copy of Ron’s first book, If I Could Ask You Anything is available for download. His book is also available VIA Amazon for a small purchase price (See Amazon Link below) should you wish to provide support through a purchase. Please complete the Book Review after reading. Positive reviews will assist in landing a publisher for Lean Into the Win.


 Notice, we mentioned Ron’s first book. Ron has recently completed a detailed, and fully notated outline of his fully autobiography and is currently working to complete a full text. His second book Lean Into the Wind is expected to meet the request of thousands of readers who wanted a more in-depth look into the life of spinal cord injury. By easing some of Ron’s immediate challenges this fundraiser will assist Ron in completing Lean Into the Wind and continue helping others.


Personal Message


To all my friends and those reading this, Linda and I deeply appreciate your interest and assistance. I was very reluctant to initiate this fundraiser but reminded by friends, “You’re not asking for a hand out but a hand up.” I sincerely wish to go on helping others.


Thank You

Rb Holland

Holland, R. (1983). If I Could Ask You Anything. New York, New York: Vantage Press, Inc.

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